Upcoming Cleanshelf Webinar: A CFO’s Guide to Quickly Assess Your Company’s Real SaaS Spending

SaaS enables marketers, salespeople and engineers to buy software by themselves. Gone are the days when the finance or IT department could dictate CMO the tools they should use. But increased procurement agility has brought along the side effect of costs running amok. With SaaS becoming #2 cost item at high-growth companies, CFOs can no longer afford to ignore it.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Tools and techniques that enable CFOs to quickly and effectively map total SaaS spending across all departments and business functions.
  • Industry SaaS spending benchmarks to show whether your company is under-investing or over-spending when it comes to SaaS.
  • Effective ways to rationalize your SaaS spending.

The webinar is intended for senior finance people of high-growth companies who want to understand the novel cost control challenges brought about by the rise of SaaS model.

Join us on Thursday, October 20th at 1pm EST. Dusan Omercevic, Cleanshelf’s founder & CEO, will map the best ways to quickly assess your company’s real SaaS spending and show you how to make the first steps towards lower SaaS costs.