Getting to Know Cleanshelf: Gasper Vojevec, Head of Customer Success.

At Cleanshelf, our number one priority is that customers are successful with our product. To further this commitment we hired Gasper Vojevec to oversee Customer Success. Gasper is a seasoned SaaS customer experience leader and focused on helping customers maximize their investment.

Surprise! Your Marketing Department is using 91 apps: How SaaS’ quiet explosion sabotages productivity, security and profit.

2017 may officially be called the year of the software app explosion. Cue the finance and IT leaders’ audible gasps as comprehension of triple digit program usage sinks in. Productivity loss, wasted spend, and security implications are just three of many concerns raised by the accelerated presence of cloud services in today’s business.

Swamped with year end planning? Assess software costs and reduce the Q4 crunch with Cleanshelf!

Software as a Service has become one of the biggest line items on the corporate P&L. Complex pricing models and the lack of data points make it challenging for the finance teams to forecast spending. With Cleanshelf's insights into SaaS spend and usage you can make software cost planning a simple calculation.