How Cleanshelf and Okta drive visibility and cost-savings across your SaaS stack

Cleanshelf now enables SaaS utilization and spend insight through integration with Okta Identity Cloud. Pair this visibility with Cleanshelf’s subscription renewal alert feature and financial leadership can make data driven decisions around an app’s usefulness to the business.

The bank is sending the replacement credit card! Who'll break the happy news with VP of Engineering?

Cleanshelf added a new capability to conveniently store all services connected to a specific credit card. Cleanshelf does all the work automatically and securely, through Plaid APIs so you don’t need to bother manually storing the information. This feature can save your team a lot of time whenever you need to change a credit card without risking suspended services.

When CMO spends more on software than CIO: How can CFO rein in the costs of marketing software

A recent Gartner survey among CMOs showed that marketing budgets increased to 12 percent of company revenue in 2016. The same survey reveals the CMOs' Marketing Technology Spend Could Exceed CIOs' Technology Spend in 2017. IDC predicts CMOs will spend over $32BN on marketing technology in 2018. 

Cleanshelf Acquires Squrb to Beef Up Its Software Expense Management Solution

SAN MATEO, CA — After raising a seed round from San Mateo-based FounderPartners, Cleanshelf — a company that tracks, optimizes and benchmarks clients' SaaS cloud software spend — made its first acquisition to beef up its software expense management solution. The startup has acquired Squrb, a UK-based specialist in tracking and management of cloud software subscriptions. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.